When Aleck, all grown up, unexpectedly finds himself back in Melkhaios, he discovers --
as sometimes happens with interdimensional travel --
that he's gone back in time, arriving sometime before he
did as a boy.

Aleck's obsession to change his past kicks into high gear. Unfortunately, changing history is easier said than done....

Time Traveling Blues

City of the Watcher, Book Two

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"...What is that?" asked Aleck. "That looks like a Reality Patrol gate gizmo. Where in hell did you get that?" He held out his hand.

"Impetuous Woad, you're missing the best part," said Clark. "It's not the device. It's what's in it."

"What are you talking about," said Aleck, still holding out his hand.

"Melkhaios," whispered Clark.

A pang of adrenaline shot into Aleck's hands and feet. "When," he whispered.

"Hmm?" asked Clark.

"When," breathed Aleck. "When?"

"Some time before the Battle of Melkhaios," whispered Clark.

Aleck trembled uncontrollably.

"Let's try it," said Clark, slipping the three small discs out of the large one and walking over to the doorway.

The door swung open abruptly, smacking Clark in the hand. "Ouch!" he yelped. The discs clattered across the floor and slid under the shelves in a corner of the room.

Beth Woad stood in the doorway holding a bayonet....